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May 25, 2015
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Happy Geek Pride Day: 6 Geek-y Blogs To Subscribe To Now

Here Are 6 Geek-y Blogs That Will Have You Geeking Out.

Calling all geeks, nerds, and techies. If you consider yourself one of the latter, you too probably learned early on that “Nerds rule the world”. So much so that we’ve earned our own day of recognition- Geek Pride Day. We decided that there was no better way to pay homage to this day than to list some popular blogs that only the truest of our geeky cohorts should follow.

1. io9– Calling themselves a “lifestyle magazine for the future”, io9 is a blog that covers everything from science fact, science fiction, and anything in between (alien sightings anyone?). The blog got its name from io9 devices, which are brain implants that allow people to see the future…but eventually drive them insane. Staying true to their love of science fiction, blog creators made up that device as a backstory for naming the blog. io9 also produced a 32 episode Youtube series in 2012.

2. SF Signal- SF Signal is a Hugo Award winning science fiction blog. The blog also serves as a fanzine, or a nonprofessional publication written by and for the fans. SF Signal won the Hugo Award for Best Fanzine in its first year of production- the first to ever do that. The site rolls out content on a weekly and monthly basis. Content ranges from book reviews, event notifications, author interviews, and more.

3. Y Combinator- Y Combinator is a seed fund that invests in startups in exchange for 7% of the company’s equity. Startups are moved to Silicon Valley for three months where they grow their brand and network. Y Combinator’s blog shares the stories of the startups. Hacker News is a social engagement portion of the site where people share content about the new startups’ progress and technology. Interested in the Y Combinator’s funding program? Apply here.

4. Boing Boing- Deemed a “directory of wonderful things” Boing Boing covers all things technology, science fiction, intellectual property, even Disney and left-wing politics. The site has introduced a number of podcasts over the years. Gweek being the most recent podcast covers everything above, plus music, comic books, movies, gadgets, and more! Boing Boing’s extensive offering has earned much recognition, named Weblog of the Year in 2004 and 2005 by Bloggies.

5. Nerdist- Comedian Chris Hardwick founded the weekly Nerdist podcast which describes “what is really means to be a nerd”. The quirky podcast can be found on the blog, along with more comedic content. Nerdist Industries also offers a YouTube channel, a news division, and BBC America produces a television version of the podcast. The site puts a funny spin on nerd culture, and you can often find pop culture parodies or updates on your favorite comic-to-big screen productions.

6. Hackaday- For a geeky outlet that gives you a hands on approach, Hackaday’s blog posts daily hacks for hardware and software products. The blog owners post original content and showcase community submissions. Hackaday aims to bring ‘hacking’ away from its negative connotation, spotlighting it as a highly creative and technical way to improve gadgets and software. Any hackers reading this are encouraged to send in their tips and tricks. Hackaday also offers a Youtube channel that displays how-tos. If you too believe that hacking isn’t evil, it’s an art, check out the site.

So there you have it, six geek-y blogs to keep you in the loop on all things science, tech, and pop culture. We hope this has helped you kick off your celebration of Geek Pride Day.


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