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November 26, 2014
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Giving Thanks For Our Favorite Apps

As of July 2014, Android users could choose between 1.3 million apps. 1.3 million! We live in an app-centric world and with Thanksgiving approaching, we’re giving thanks for these apps…we’re thankful for this app-y world where we can be more productive, more creative, more organized, and even healthier….all through the power of apps.

Below is a list of some of the apps that the Backupify team is thankful for:

  • Sunrise – It’s a cross-platform calendar app that blows any native calendar solution out of the water. Intuitive, powerful, and beautiful. – Adam Deligianis, Customer Support
  • Evernote – As a relatively under-organized person with a passion for SEARCH, Evernote gives me the ability to take notes on anything and everything and recover them with just one keyword. I have endless running lists, agendas and minutes from weekly meetings, and of course crucial customer feedback and status updates stored in this app. – Hilary Ludlow, Customer Success
  • Spotify – It continues to broaden my musical tastes. – Michael Hoydis, Engineering
  • Check – This app provides a location for all my bills and bank accounts. It sets reminders for upcoming bills and I can pay bills through the application and its free! I couldn’t live without it. – Taylor Grabus, Sales
  • Wunderlist – I call it the “smart list”. Keeps track of everything that was ever on a particular list (like groceries), so I’m not constantly recreating the same list. It’s super easy to share as in the Honey Do List, so I can update it anytime, anywhere and I know my honey will see it too! – Donna Shaw, Product Management
  • MindBody – I’m so thankful for this app. I can easily book a spin or yoga class through it by viewing the schedules for the week, keeping me fit and happy. – Rebecca Norton, Admin
  • Airfoil – If you have an Apple TV or an A/V amplifier that has Airplay capability it allows you to stream an audio source (from Spotify or Pandora for example) directly to that Airplay device. I use it every day to listen to music on my speakers at home. – Vishal Sunak, Marketing Operations
  • Network Ping (Lite) – Basic network tools (ping, traceroute,telnet) in one simple, free app. Paid version adds a few features such as telnet to any port. – Jim Salem, Engineering

Need more app suggestions? Check out the apps we were thankful for last year!

What apps are you thankful for?!

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