August 10, 2021
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For many companies, M365 and Google Workspace data are both essential

In the United States, the office suite market is dominated by Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. According to a 2020 report by database company Statista, Google is the market leader with nearly 60 percent of the market share while Microsoft 365 holds the other 40 percent.

According to Statista, more than one million companies around the globe say they use M365 as their main productivity software. In the United States, that number nears 600,000. Conversely, the number of companies signed up for paid Google Workspace business accounts totals more than five million.

While these two SaaS office suites have fought for years for market dominance, the truth is that many enterprise-level organizations are using both. Microsoft 365 continues to be the default office suite installed on many desktop and laptop computers in offices around the country, while Google Workspace’s collaborative features make it indispensable to many companies working remotely.

For many organizations, these two office suites are vital to daily operations and so is the data related to them. This makes having both a Microsoft 365 backup and a Google Workspace backup essential.

Let’s take a look at what makes each of these office suites unique and why you need a solution that covers both.

Google Workspace

One of the major differences between Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 is that unlike M365, Workspace is completely online. This allows for efficient collaboration for teams in disparate locations, which is the main draw of Google Workspace.

Google’s suite of applications is designed for collaborative work and the apps themselves work collaboratively with each other. For example, a Google Meet picture-in-picture function is available when working in Docs, Sheets, and Slides to allow person-to-person interactions when presenting slides or sharing documents.

Another unique aspect of Google Workspace is the wide range of tools on the Google Workspace Marketplace. These tools cover everything from ERP and logistics to sales and CRM, and are easily integrated with the core suite of Google Workspace applications. They include apps like the ever popular Google Analytics and add-ons for easily signing contracts.

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Microsoft 365

With the advent of M365, Microsoft brought it’s suite of applications to the cloud. But unlike Google, Microsoft still lets you download apps for offline use on your desktop or laptop. This is especially essential for organizations who require fidelity with Office document formats.

Another factor that makes Microsoft 365 unique are the robust features found on the applications. Microsoft’s word processing application offers a number of tools not found in Google Docs, including an array of pre-built templates for creating different kinds of documents. For example, Word has nearly 50 different report templates to Google Doc’s five.

Additionally, a Microsoft 365 subscription gets you access to even more advanced tools. These include programs like Microsoft Editor, which helps users edit their writing beyond a simple spell check; and Microsoft Money in Excel, which can be used for financial planning. There’s also a PowerPoint coach to help you users ace their next presentation.

Protecting your data

Both Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 have unique features that make them an essential part of many companies. And the data attached to these essential SaaS solutions is vital.

However this data is often at risk. According to a report released in March, 40% of SaaS application users have lost data. That’s why having a SaaS protection solution that backs up this critical data is so important.

Backupify is an all-inclusive solution that can handle both your company’s Google Workspace backup and Microsoft 365 backup. Unlike other solutions, our cloud-to-cloud backup solution provides a single pane of glass for recovering data from both SaaS suites in the event of accidental or malicious deletion. On the Microsoft 365 backup side, Backupify protects data from critical apps like Exchange, Teams, OneDrive, Sharepoint, and more. In terms of a Google Workspace backup, the solution streamlines the process for Gmail, Drive, Calendars, and more.

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