June 28, 2021
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Does Backupify Archive Users?

When considering comprehensive cloud-based backup tools for SaaS platforms like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspaces remember the importance of managing both data, and users. For example, seat management tools within your backup system is an important component for successfully managing your data and licenses, especially if you’re paying top dollar for enterprise-level plans for platforms like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspaces. Regardless of what plan or platform you have, being able to archive your users is key to good data management–and reducing costs.

Finding a reliable, user-friendly backup platform that offers seat management should be a goal for all companies, across all sectors. You may be wondering if Backupify offers seat management capabilities and is able to archive users.

Read on to learn about how Backupify implements seat management and can archive users.

Archiving Users With Backupify

So, does Backupify archive users? Yes!

Backupify does indeed offer companies the ability to archive users for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspaces. Here’s how it works:

  • Essentially, if a user is unlicensed, the user will become archived in Backupify.
  • Archived users and accounts will cease running new backups, since there isn’t any user in Office 365 or Google Workspaces to back up.
  • However, they will continue to use a license since Backupify retains that data. Archived users are indicated by a small filing cabinet icon next to their name.
  • If you unseat a user in Backupify SaaS protection, new backups will cease running, free up their license, and immediately have any existing backup data removed from the system.

You may be wondering what happens to your archived users or how to tell if a user is archived. Firstly, the archived users or admins on an account can still restore or export, and these accounts will continue to use a license until they are manually removed from Backupify. Before deleting any users, be sure to take these steps for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspaces.

Secondly, companies are able to deduce whether a user is archived using Backupify’s new Seat Management functionality, which you can read about below.

How to Tell if a User is Archived in Backupify

Keeping track of the status of users is important. With Backupify’s new Seat Management 2.0, you can do exactly that.

  • Backupify’s seat management allows companies to better distinguish between active and archived seats, giving you more flexibility and the ability to easily manage large clients.
  • With Seat Management 2.0, Backupify users can see the current status of each seat. In addition, clicking on “Status” reveals a list of actions to change that seat’s status if need be.
  • Seat Management 2.0 also includes a Paused Backup feature, which prevents new backups from being taken while a seat is paused.

Our new seat management capabilities help you not only stay on top of all your user statuses, but our platform is intuitively designed, making your life easier.

Level Up Your User Management and Backup

Managing your users and licenses can be overwhelming, but Backupify can help simplify and automate the process for you. Our data backup and management platform allows anyone–whether you’re a seasoned IT professional or new to backup–to seamlessly manage their data, users, and licenses for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspaces. Backupify’s private cloud and robust security regulations ensure that your data stays right where you need it, safe and sound.


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