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June 28, 2013
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Did You Miss Backupify’s Product Webinar? New Feature Recap

Last week Backupify hosted our very first customer webinar where we discussed recent product updates and new features. We have quite the updated feature list so if you missed the webinar, check out the recap below. If interested in learning more about any of these features, Backupify released a helpful user guide.

Enterprise Control

  • Multiple Admin Users: customize the list of admins for your domain and leverage separate authentication
  • Detailed Audit Log: IP address tracking for all user actions, administrative changes, and items viewed
  • Configurable Data Retention Period: set a Gmail retention time period for your account to address compliance requirements
  • Full Domain Export: get an export of all the data in your domain for an additional fee

User & Service Management

  • Disable Services: exclude un-used services from backing up
  • Disable end-user access to Backupify: prevent users from signing in
  • Batch Import Users: select users to add to Backupify via .csv upload

Comprehensive Backups

  • Access to infinite past versions of your archived documents
  • Increased Backup Frequency: 3x daily backups for all users
  • Unlimited Storage: now standard for per-user plans
  • SSAE16 Type 1 SOC2 compliance

User Interface Refresh

  • >New Enterprise Dashboard: get a quick domain overview and see what’s backing up now, total available storage, quick access to user data, one click backup and restore
  • Deleted Documents: scan all items that have been deleted out of Drive to quickly find docs to restore
  • Archived Users: users suspended or deleted on Google domain

In addition to these features, we rolled out a redesigned Google Drive user interface this week (which happens to be the featured picture in this blog)…..enjoy!


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