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June 25, 2014
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Backupify Joins Redesigned Google Apps Marketplace

Today Backupify officially joined the updated Google Apps Marketplace and in doing so, Backupify became the first cloud to cloud backup solution offered in this redesigned marketplace.

The Google Apps Marketplace is integrated into the Google Apps administrative console which makes it even easier to find and install the Backupify app. To find us, simply click on “Go to the Google Apps Marketplace” and type in “Backupify”.  As always, you can click on the “Free Trial” button in the upper right hand corner of this page which will walk you through the installation and trial sign-up process.

There are some exciting new benefits to being included in the redesigned marketplace as well.

For example, we’ve launched an updated version of Backupify for Google Apps that upgrades users to OAuth 2.0. This new OAuth 2.0 standard is a continuation of Google’s commitment to keeping user’s credentials secure.

And going forward, customers can now install apps to specific OUs rather than the entire domain.  So now you can use Backupify for specific areas of your organization (perhaps for example, the legal department) and take advantage of Backupify features like auto-add that you may not have otherwise wanted to use if Backupify was installed for your entire domain.

Related to this move, existing customers may notice the Backupify login page has changed a bit.  In addition to a more streamlined layout, you’ll notice the new “Login using Google” button at the top.  This button can now be used not only for those customers backing up Google Apps but also for Salesforce only customers (i.e. those who back up Salesforce but not Google Apps) who use the same email address for Backupify that is managed by Google Apps.

Here at Backupify, we place great importance on being early to innovate, and we’re thrilled to be part of the next generation of the Google Apps Marketplace.

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