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December 13, 2013
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Backupify for Google Apps Product Update Roundup: Easier User Management, UI Improvements, and More Powerful Search

Our engineering team has been cranking away over the past few months to deliver the features and functionality you need for backing up your valuable data. At a high-level, these product updates center around giving customers greater administrative control over their data and even easier ways to browse and search for their backups. Let’s dive right in. 

Greater Administrative Controls

We know that IT professionals are managing a multitude of systems in an ever-changing environment. Between getting new employees up and running, making sure that systems are up to date and secure, to answering lots of help requests, it can be difficult to take time to breathe. At Backupify, we’re always looking for ways to give you greater control of your data and users while making it simple to save you time.

1. Restore Google Apps Backups Directly to Any User

Backupify admins have the ability to restore backups for Google Apps services (Mail, Drive, Calendar, Contacts, and Sites) directly to any user on their domain. This is especially useful when an employee leaves the company, and you want to transfer all of their documents to another employee. Within the restore menu, simply type in the name of the user you wish to restore the files to.

2. Restore Multiple Items at Once in Google Apps

Backupify admins and end users can select multiple individual items or an entire folder to restore using our batch restore option for Google Apps Mail, Drive, Calendar, and Contacts. In the restore menu, you’ll have the option to restore selected items or all items listed.

3. View a History of Backups, Restores, and Exports

Backupify admins can view a 30-day history of backups, restores, and exports for Google Apps by users. End users have access to the 30-day history of their own backups. To view, simply click on “History” in the menu.

4. Rename Users Automatically Based on Google Apps Changes

When you rename a user within your Google Apps Control Panel, we will automatically detect the change and update Backupify within 24 hours. This will help you save time and keep your information consistent across Google Apps and Backupify.

5. Get Notified When Google Apps API Limit Is Reached

Google Apps limits the amount of email that can be backed up in a day to 1.5 GB. New customers sometimes hit this limit in their initial backup. Users will now see a notification if Google’s limit is hit, causing a partial backup.

Easy and Intuitive Browse and Search Capabilities

With so much of your data being managed by Google Apps, finding the exact document or file you’re looking for can be a little like searching for a needle in a haystack. With Backupify’s search-based UI, you’ll be able to easily navigate through your user’s data to quickly find and restore the files you need to get your users back up and running.

1. Find Backups Quicker with Enhanced Search Capabilities

Backupify users have a variety of different search parameters at their disposal to find the exact file they need, even when there’s limited information. For Mail messages, you can narrow down your search by keyword, sent/received dates, to/from/bcc/cc email addresses, subject, and label as well as use filters to only see chat messages or emails with attachments. For Drive files, you can narrow down your search by keyword, title, ID, dates, folders, owners, and document types as well as use filters to only see deleted or shared files.

2. Browse Functionality for Google Drive

Backupify users have an even easier way to locate the Google Drive backup they need using our browse capabilities. You’ll notice that your Drive backups are organized in the same folder structure Google uses to make it easy to scan for items. If you prefer to view all of your Drive backups without the folder structure, you can toggle between views using the icons in the menu.

3. Preview Google Mail Messages and Download Attachments for Easier Browsing and Restore

Backupify users have an easier way to find the Gmail message they’re looking for with our new preview panel. Your email message will appear directly on the page, eliminating the need to open a new window. If the message has a file attachment, you can download it immediately by clicking on it. These two features make it even easier and quicker to restore your needed documents.

You can learn about new product updates as they get shipped on our ZenDesk page. For a comprehensive overview of how to get the most out of Backupify for Google Apps, download our user guide today.

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