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January 09, 2014
G Suite

Why the Google Tips Site is the Coolest Thing Ever (and How to Use it)

Remember when Google was just a search engine? Those days are long gone. The technology giant continues to grow quickly, adding lots of features and functionality. It gets to be a little overwhelming. Or perhaps more importantly, you could be doing some pretty cool stuff within Google that you never knew existed.

Problem solved with Google Tips. Google Tips was launched fairly recently and is a site with a bunch of clickable cards that offer helpful, step-by-step advice on how to use the various Google tools for work, for home, for travel, etc.

These clickable cards can be easily segregated depending on what you’re interested in. For example, you can do a search by product and then learn more about how to use that particular Google product for work-related tasks. Or you can learn how to create a playlist for those adorable YouTube cat videos. What makes the site fun is the scenarios displayed on the cards. Flip them over and learn!

I went through the site and learned a few tricks and tips within minutes. Here are a few Google Tips scenario examples:

View the World’s Greatest Art in your Pajamas – Art lover? If so, this is a fun one. Go to and you can look up famous artwork and collections. Let’s say you find a piece of art and you want to “visit” the collection. Bam! There’s a streetview option that drops you into the museum where that particular piece of art is displayed. Walk around the halls of the museum (with help from your keyboard arrows) – it’s like you’re really there.

Get your Laptop to Give Directions to your Phone – Who needs a TomTom anymore. This tip walks you through how to autosync your Google Maps searches across all your devices.

Unsend an Email You’re Having Second Thoughts About – I think we’ve all had that “Oh noooo” moment after hitting the send button. No worries, jump into the settings section in gmail (it’s the gear icon) and under Labs you can enable “undo send” which will provide you with several seconds to recall an email after you hit send.

Save those Cat Videos to Watch Later – If you love those crazy cat videos but don’t have the time, hit “Watch Later” and you can easily add them to a designated playlist on your YouTube homepage. That’s right, a playlist of cat videos.

Have fun poking around Google Tips and since Google is asking for suggestions right within the site, I’m sure there will be more helpful tips to come.


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