May 25, 2021
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What Students and Teachers Can Do to Help Google Administrators Keep Data Safe

The education sector has been hit hard by crippling ransomware attacks in recent months. If you’re the Google Workspace Administrator in your organization, you likely know that the best way to avoid losing instructional days to cyber threats is to educate users on the ways they can help keep data safe. They really can play a big role in preventing ransomware from infecting data. But even with their help, the only real protection is to make sure data is backed up and easy to restore.

How to keep education data secure

Use a device less likely to get ransomware

Windows devices are especially vulnerable to ransomware attacks and Macs can also be more easily infected. If the only device you allow is a Chromebook, you’re unlikely to see ransomware. Even better, you can back up your Chromebook to a flash drive to restore docs.

Be smart about sharing

Share docs sparingly and only as needed with clear access permissions and double check that docs or folders are being shared with trusted internal and external collaborators.

Stay alert

Do not open attachments or follow links unless they’re clearly from a known person and in a communication format that would be typically received from a sender.

Review the below webinar

As an IT provider in education, you know it’s best practice to never stop learning. The below webinar covers everything you need to know about the risk of ransomware and how to protect your school’s data from an IT perspective.

No protection is completely effective against ransomware

The only effective way to recover from ransomware is to restore your operating system, apps, and data to the way they were before the infection. With a solution like Backupify for Google Workspace, you can recover all your files and folders to their original state. Keeping your folder structure intact.

We cover what you need to know about ransomware and Google Workspace for Education, including how to rev up your cybersecurity defenses with Backupify in our eBook.


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