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October 25, 2017
Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

This Reddit Thread Proves You Need Office 365 and G Suite Backup

Moving to SaaS applications can be the best thing to ever happen to IT or your worst nightmare. Users are empowered to create and share documents and get things done more efficiently, but you’ve now lost complete control of how that data is managed. Not only that, but Microsoft and Google do not provide native backup features, so recovering data is a different beast altogether.

Case in point: this Reddit post (on “/r/drunk”) that surfaced last week where an unnamed intoxicated employee offered to delete important company documents for every upvote he received. At the posting of this article the thread has already gathered over 18,000 points and 310 comments.

Microsoft and Google do not provide native backup features

This thread is hilarious, how many documents would you be willing to lose to this kind of activity? Although SaaS data exists in the cloud and is arguably more secure than it’s on-prem counterpart, we know that 1 in 3 companies will lose data stored in SaaS applications.

Enter Backupify. We talk to IT teams daily about the risk of losing data to plain old human error or malicious deletions. This case is a symptom of the lack of control IT Managers and Directors face when G Suite or Office 365 are the main modes of collaboration within your company.

Now hopefully you’ve had a good laugh and went straight to testing your file recovery strategy. For the complete story behind securing your Office 365 or G Suite domain, schedule a demo with our team to see Backupify in action.


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