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October 05, 2015
Office 365

The Guide To Setting Up Your Office 365 Domain (SlideShare)

Leveraging a powerful platform like Office 365 at work can yield many benefits around productivity and workflow. However, that workflow can sometimes become disrupted when users are not properly familiarized with the technology or given the wrong permissions. With everything else you have going on at work, your collaborative tool should should aid you, rather than cause you headaches.

We recently published an eBook “The Guide to Office 365 Training: Setting Up Your Domain”. This piece focuses on everything from connecting your domain domain name to enabling and disabling services. On the whole, we wanted this piece to serve as reference for Office 365 best practices. By setting up your Office 365 domain correctly the first time, you’re more likely to experience collaborative bliss in the long-run.

We also produced a SlideShare which can serve as a great reference when you need quick information or brief reminders about how to best manage your Office 365 domain and environment as a whole. Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect from the SlideShare:

Basic User Management

Find out where to purchase licenses, link existing Microsoft IDs, and leverage the Setup Wizard. From there, you should verify your domain and look for changes in your email domains. We’ll teach you how to add single users or groups. We’ve also included video tutorials around the entire process if you’d prefer more visual cues.

Helping Your Users Move to O365

Help your users figure out where things are during the install process, regardless of device. We’ve provided helpful tutorials for web app access, desktop setup, and mobile setup. Enable your users no matter where they choose to work from! We also discuss transferring legacy accounts over to your Office 365 domain – no need to let go of any important data.

Future Service Management

In this section, we list 4 key service topics to keep in mind for future performance – enabling and disabling services, managing service updates, configuring OneDrive for Business, and configuring Yammer. You can find all of the detail around these topics in the eBook or Microsoft’s Virtual Academy.

For more tips on setting up your Office 365 domain, check out the SlideShare below:


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