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November 27, 2013
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The Apps We’re Most Thankful For

Remember back in the day when your smartphone wasn’t so smart? Remember when your laptop was pretty much just a fancy word processor? Then came apps. Lots and lots of apps. The interconnected world of apps has made our lives more productive and frankly, more fun!

While we give thanks this holiday to the most important things in our lives: our families, friends and health; here at Backupify we also reflected on the many apps that we’re thankful for. The most popular apps called out were Spotify, Evernote, and Uber. All of these apps have absolutely been game changers. But there are so many more. We love our apps and on the eve of Thanksgiving we’re sharing our APPreciation (see what I did there).

What App Are You Most Thankful For?

  • Flipboard —”Because news should be beautiful”—Ben Thomas, VP Security
  • Venmo —”Helps my friends and I “go dutch” without annoying our waiter/waitress.”—Theresa Kim, Business Development Representative
  • Buffer —”Lets me share my favorite links across all major social media accounts with one click and spaces out the posts throughout the day.”—Jay Garmon, Content Marketing Contributor
  • Mint —”This app seriously helps me patch the holes in my wallet.”—Ben Grabow, Sales Representative
  • Nest —”Controls the heat in my house with wifi. No more getting out of bed to turn up the heat!”—Daniel Stevenson, VP of Business Development
  • Pocket —”It’s a “read me later” list for articles you want to read but don’t have time for at the moment.”—Tania Pylyp, Account Management
  • GoodToDo —”While I’ve tried a million to-do apps, I keep coming back to this one! A well executed user experience.”—John Bigay, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Hipmunk —”The easiest travel app out there. They have a great “agony index” that helps you sort.”—Juliette Kopecky, Director of Product Marketing
  • Alfred —”I use this productivity app every day. It’s a search based tool that can query various Internet sources like Google, LinkedIn, Google Maps, etc.”—Vishal Sunak, Operations Engineer
  • Waze —”It continues to save me time and effort by routing me around traffic and finding cool shortcuts.”—David Block, VP of Engineering

Now it’s your turn. What apps are you most thankful for? Did we miss any good ones? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.


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