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April 17, 2013
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Suffering from a Google Apps Disruption? 5 Instances for Backup

Since earlier this morning, there have been some outage issues with Google Apps. While Google is normally very reliable, this is a clear instance that shows they are not entirely perfect. And while we are confident that in the long-run, we will get our data back, right now we can’t access any of our Gmail, Google drive, Google docs, calendar, contacts, or sites.

How might this be affecting you? Here are five scenarios where accessing your information NOW is necessary. In an instance where Google is down, the only way you could do so is through a service like Backupify.

  1. You have a meeting later today with a potential investor, but can’t access your pitch presentation in Google docs.
  2. You’re standing at the airport trying to remember which airline you are flying and can’t access your confirmation email.
  3. You think you are supposed to meet a customer today, can’t remember when, but can’t check your calendar.
  4. Your co-worker needs the phone # of a new client, but you can’t access your contacts to find it.
  5. Your CEO sent you an important report and asked you to download and print it for the morning meeting.

Backup your data now, so that even if you don’t lose it forever, you can access it anytime.

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