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February 05, 2019

Ransomcloud: Ransomware for Office 365 and G Suite

You may be tired of hearing about the dangers associated with ransomware, but this threat has evolved to encompass an entirely new arena. In 2019, we predict hackers will create infections that can shut down the entire lifeblood of your business: your cloud-hosted email. Ransomware infections spreading to Office 365 and G Suite are on the rise, and aside from endangering your inbox, they can also lock you out of OneDrive files and SharePoint sites living in the cloud.

How do we know this? We’ve already seen it happen. Introducing RansomCloud.

MSPs first saw a RansomCloud demo in early 2018 when world-famous white hat hacker Kevin Mitnick presented a live Office 365 infection. Since then, Datto MSPs have already seen this kind of attack in the wild. According to Datto’s Annual Ransomware Report, of the 2,400+ MSPs surveyed 28 percent have claimed to have seen ransomware attacks in SaaS applications. Of those MSPs, nearly half of respondents reported seeing attacks in Office 365 specifically, with 22 percent reporting G Suite attacks. These attacks vary from regular ransomware attacks syncing to cloud applications or the more sinister infections that are made specifically for the cloud.

RansomCloud is just that: a ransomware attack built for the cloud. Today, this term acts as a catch-all for any strain that starts by exploiting users in their SaaS applications. These attacks can happen to anyone, and they’re so sneaky that all it takes is one person clicking a wrong email to lock an entire business’s files. As hackers continue to advance their approach, we’ll start to see new strains build out this new category of ransomware.

Without an Office 365 and G Suite backup in place, business owners stand to lose what makes their business run. And MSPs stand to lose faith with their clients. Backupify creates an independent second copy of SaaS data for the purpose of protecting it against any form of ransomware. The data stored in Datto’s private cloud can be restored en masse or get as granular as a single email, giving MSPs have a scalable way of managing SaaS backups across all of their clients.

You can’t afford a risk this large, especially when you’re looking after small businesses and your own employees.

In this video, we’re going to show you how an attack like this can get past your best defenses. Kevin Mitnick himself will show you how a hacker can exploit users to lock them out of their email, what happens when an inbox gets encrypted, and that every MSP needs SaaS Protection to protect their clients’ from data loss in Office 365 and G Suite.


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