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September 30, 2020
Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Microsoft Outage Leaves Businesses Without Access to Applications

On September 28th, users of cloud-based Microsoft applications including Teams, Microsoft 365, Outlook, Exchange, Sharepoint, OneDrive, and Azure were unable to access the business-critical applications for up to five hours.

A Microsoft spokesperson stated there was no reason to believe the outage was a result of malicious activity, but the cause remains unclear. However, it’s still an indicator of an imperative need to protect cloud-based business data for businesses large and small. Many think cloud-based data will always be accessible, but that simply isn’t the case.

Businesses have a responsibility to take the necessary precautions to protect their data. With the uptick in cloud migration and remote work, cyber risk is also increasing for IT departments supporting large companies. It’s more important than ever to secure cloud data.

Cloud-to-cloud backup is a crucial offering for businesses to ensure proper backup of cloud-based business data. Backupify provides a simple, streamlined process for businesses to export their Microsoft data to ensure “offline” continuity. For example, if you need to reference a file but can’t access OneDrive, use an exported version of the latest backup to continue productivity. Once the Microsoft systems are back online, simply re-upload the latest version of the file. Backupify can also make it easier for businesses to resume conversations they may have been having in Microsoft Teams. During an outage, export all public channel conversations in an easy to read format to ensure collaboration can continue without disruption.

Downtime happens – even for Microsoft and Google. Keep your business protected against permanent cloud data loss and up and running without disruption – even in the event of a massive outage. Learn more about how Backupify can help keep your data secure and accessible.


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