March 16, 2021
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Microsoft Dials Back Teams Update After Outages

Microsoft has rolled back an update to its Teams product, used by hundreds of millions of users globally in today’s remote working reality, after thousands had difficulty accessing the application, with some unable to access their entire Microsoft 365 platform.

The reports first came in on Monday morning, with reporting thousands of users unable to access their Microsoft applications and platforms. During incidents like these, Microsoft keeps a Twitter feed up to date with the latest info on outages and fixes to keep its users in the know. For enterprise IT departments, especially those relying on Microsoft 365 to get work done in a remote environment, it can be useful to follow these updates to know when business impacts may be resolved.

Why your cloud data needs to be backed up

Incidents like this recent Microsoft outage are an unfortunate reality and can happen at inopportune times for businesses relying on the public cloud to get work done. At a minimum, businesses are unable to access their data and resources. At its worst, data can be lost.

Without access to business-critical data, enterprise IT departments can be put into a difficult position if they or a client needs access to files that are stored on Microsoft 365. With cloud-to-cloud backup, enterprises have access to a backup of their data and can rely on that to source the most up-to-date versions of critical data during outages.

To learn more about the importance of cloud-to-cloud backup, take a look at our eBook, Why Secure Could Backup for Microsoft Teams is Essential. 


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