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March 04, 2019
Office 365

Microsoft Changes Default Office 365 Document Saving to OneDrive

Microsoft recently announced plans to change the default Office 365 document-saving behavior to default to OneDrive.

The new save behavior for Office 365 users will save Excel, PowerPoint and Word files directly to folders in the OneDrive cloud storage service. According to Microsoft, the move is designed to make it easier for users to upload and get their files into the cloud to securely store them.

The new capability that makes it easier for you to create and save your Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document directly to the cloud. When you go to save an Office365 document using Ctrl+S (Windows), Cmd+S (macOS), or the Save button, the new dialog box will default to OneDrive or SharePoint Online. And if you forget to save a new document before exiting, you will also see this updated save experience.

To learn more about the new feature, check out the recent post from Microsoft.

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