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May 12, 2016
Office 365

How To Set Up Your Office 365 Domain

Getting started with Office 365 is fairly straightforward, but harnessing the capabilities of the platform – and helping your team to master those capabilities to improve their productivity – will take time and effort. For organizations, it is important to walk through and understand all the administrative options to ensure that your content is secure, and all necessary policies and procedures are in place to manage your environment moving forward. Here are some tips for getting started with O365.

Basic User Management

After you are up and running, the next step is adding and configuring users. Some key steps include:

  • Adding users
  • Resetting a password
  • Renaming users
  • Removing or restoring a user

Helping Your Users Move to Office 365

After setting up your Office 365 account, the next step is to ensure your end users are collaborating successfully on the new platform. As part of the new user experience, it is good to understand what your end users will see – and to monitor and measure which tools they use, and get feedback on what might not be working.

Office 365 Service Management

Of course, it doesn’t end after the initial setup and migration. The ongoing administration will be key to the success of your Office 365 implementation. Your service management model, with its policies and procedures for planning, delivering, operating, and controlling your Office 365 environment, will have a huge impact on the ongoing success of the platform within your organization. The goal is to keep the platform running efficiently, with minimal maintenance impacts to your end users, and to encourage and enable adoption and productivity.

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