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February 07, 2019
G Suite

Google Raising G Suite Prices

Google is raising G Suite prices. G Suite Basic will go from $5 per user per month to $6, while G Suite Business will go from $10 per user per month to $12.

As the prices for SaaS applications such as G Suite and Office 365 continue to increase, it’s as important as ever to save your business-critical data with a third-party SaaS application vendor like Backupify. If you’re not convinced of the most immediate benefits (risk reduction, easy lost data recovery, automatic archiving), you can try our free retention cost calculator to see how much money backup can save your company. Backupify pricing falls below standard G Suite and Google Vault licensing fees, thus offering significant cost savings.

How does it work? Backupify maintains user data automatically in the event that a user is deleted or deprovisioned from the cloud environment, so there is no risk in losing historical company data or backups due to deprovisioned licenses.

In addition to a lower price point, Backupify licensing is simple and all-inclusive. Included in the per-user cost is coverage of all key apps in G Suite – there is no need to worry about extra licenses for Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, Drive and Team Drives.

As we’ve pointed out in previous blogs, SaaS applications are not sufficient forms of backup for your critical data. Storing data in cloud applications can be safer than storing data on most on-prem storage systems — but “safe” does not equal “invulnerable.” In fact, one-third of SaaS users report losing data in the cloud. The cloud is safe, but it’s not infallible and many of today’s cloud vendors lack the incentive to point out their vulnerabilities when it comes to backing up data in SaaS apps.

  • G Suite: Google offers infrastructure high availability (HA) with erasure code and multiple replicas in multiple geographies, so data will still be accessible in incidents of hardware failure. Google does not offer native backup capabilities for Google Groups or Sites data.
  • Office 365: The infrastructure of Office 365 also offers high availability, but Microsoft is not liable for individual user data loss. Microsoft SLAs clearly state that they are responsible for the security & maintenance of their cloud and the tenant (company) provides the security in their cloud.

To learn more about how Backupify and protect your SaaS application data, sign up for a demo today.


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