December 14, 2020
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Google Outage Leaves Business Tools Inaccessible

A handful of Google’s services went down today, leaving businesses and consumers unable to access their Google accounts and platforms, including Gmail, Drive, Maps, and more.

According to DownDetector, the outage seems to have impacted most of the United States’ east coast, as well as a sizable reach in Europe. Although the outage was relatively short, lasting around half an hour, it impacted productivity for millions of organizations that use Google to do their jobs.

What does this mean for businesses?

For IT departments at enterprises that rely on Google to do work, a Google outage can mean lost productivity. While it’s currently unknown if this specific outage impacted data permanently, outages can also result in data loss. Depending on the size of the business, the costs of downtime can vary from $10,000 per hour to more than $5 million per hour. The best tool to ensure your business’s data is always available is a third-party cloud backup tool.

How SaaS backup can help

With cloud outages, it’s never guaranteed that data won’t be lost, and the only way to ensure clients’ data isn’t permanently deleted is with a reliable, third-party backup solution. Recurring backups of data with tools like Backupify, help IT departments feel rest assured that their organization can access any business-critical data they need in the event of an outage or a data-loss scenario.

A Third Party Backup Solution is Critical

Wise IT departments need a solution that protects you from outages and helps to efficiently manage your day to day processes. Fortunately, Backupify is here to help by providing automated Google Workspace backup and fast data recovery.

Maintain control of your data and ensure your company against data loss during Google downtime, by scheduling a free customized demo of Backupify today.


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