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March 03, 2014
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Google Apps for Education: Tips for Teachers by Teachers (Free eBook)

In October of 2013 we launched our first guide to Google Apps for Education: Mastering Google in the Classroom. It’s been well received by teachers and administrators alike as a straightforward guide to getting started with Google Apps for Education.

Since then, the interest in Google Apps for Education has only continued to increase as more and more school districts have realized the benefits of increased collaboration and communication and made the switch. Now schools across the country and the world are managing their classrooms with Google Apps Tools.

Today we are pleased to announce the launch of our next eBook, Google Apps for Education: Tips for Teachers by Teachers. We reached out for feedback, tips, tricks, and best practices from the teachers who are thought leaders in the #EdTech space. What we learned is that there are infinite ways today’s teachers can leverage Google Apps in a classroom setting to enhance lesson plans and help students learn.

There is no theory inside of this guide. It’s 100% real world, practical advice from Google certified teachers on how they use the suite of Google Apps to empower their students and enhance the learning experience. Here are a select few thoughts from each teacher on our panel. For the complete story, download the guide at the bottom of today’s blog post.

“Breaking down walls of communication and collaboration using Google Apps helps students to succeed” – Alice Keeler, California State University, @AliceKeeler

“Google Apps is a wonderful free resource for educators to create engaging lessons, activities and assessments.” – Jermaine Newman, Lilla G. Frederick Pilot Middle School, Dorchester, MA and the Putnam Ave Upper School, Cambridge, MA

“Google Apps is one of my favorite resources for myself, other teachers and students,” David says. “I use it constantly. There are tons of features and functions that make using it extremely useful and effective as an educational tool” – David Andrade, MSed, CIO of Bridgeport Public School System, @Daveandcori

“I couldn’t live without Google Docs. it’s a powerful collaboration tool.” – Vicki Davis, Westwood Schools, Camilla, GA, @CoolCatTeacher

“I think Google Apps provides users with the awesome opportunity of collaboration via the web,” Christopher says “Collaboration ranges from college to colleague, teacher to student, you name it. I’ve used it to bring creative minds together in and outside of work.” – Christopher Godfrey, Boston and Cambridge MA Public Schools

“I believe Google Apps is a student-centered tool and can help shift a classroom toward a more student-centered environment.” – Jonathan Schmid, @SchmidJon, Director of Innovation and Technology Meadowbrook School, Weston MA

“Some of our most surprising outcomes have been from teachers who were initially reluctant but came to see the huge advantages that Google Apps provides.” – Karl Rivers, Network Manager Biddenham International School, England, @KarlRivers

Special thanks to all of the teachers who contributed their feedback in the writing of this piece. We hope you find the guide informative and inspiring as you either begin your own move to Google Apps or continue refining your existing process with this transformational tool. If you’re a more seasoned user of Google Apps, you may find our blog post and ebook on Google Apps Security informative.


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