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August 24, 2015
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Getting Back to School with Google Apps

Google Apps and education seem to go hand in hand these days, with over 30 million students, faculty, and staff using Google Apps For Education (GAFE) in 2014. That wasn’t counting the additional 55 million teachers and schools who were informally using Google Apps. We at Backupify have been buzzing about GAFE for a while now, and the reasoning behind that is simple.

The GAFE platform is the ultimate collaboration tool for students and teachers. With the power of the cloud, users don’t have to make software updates or waste space on their personal devices. Google Drive ensures users can easily locate and share content in one centralized location.

As Summer comes to a close, the leaves will soon be changing and roads will be jammed with back-to-school car pools. One thing that likely won’t change, however, is the implementation of GAFE in our schools. What better way to get ready for another school year then by offering up tons of GAFE content! We’ve essentially compiled our greatest hits of Google Apps for Edu content below to help schools get the most out of this amazing suite.

Mastering Google Apps for the Classroom: In this eBook, we help you get you started with your GAFE migration. Gmail, Docs, Calendar- you name it, we’re covering it. We even dive deep into some advanced features you may not be aware of.

Growing Google Apps for Education: So you’ve got GAFE in place, but have you developed a strategy for best practices moving forward? This eBook covers best practices for change management, project management, deployment, empowering users, training, hands-on learning, and much, much more!

3 Teacher-Approved Google Apps Hacks for Education: For teachers trying to make their classroom the most efficient GAFE hub out there, we’ve pulled together 3 awesome hacks. These tips and tricks are designed to make schools super efficient from the morning to afternoon bell. Google Forms for grading rubrics, office hours scheduling- make it easy with GAFE!

GAFE Tips for Teachers by Teachers: When it comes to classroom needs, no one understands them better than fellow educators. We’ve pulled together this eBook filled with useful advice from GAFE all-stars who have already successfully implemented these tools in their classrooms.

The Campaign to Elect Google Apps at your School: So, you’re convinced you need GAFE at your school and now you need to get others onboard. We’re here to help the cause with these 9 reasons you can (and should) present to your decision-makers about implementing Google Apps for Education.

“Chalk” it up to our love for the cloud, but we at Backupify use Google Apps everyday. We understand the value….and so do schools around the world. As GAFE becomes more common throughout our schools, it’s important to stay up to speed on the best ways to leverage these tools. You’re now equipped with some amazing resources to start the year off right!


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