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August 13, 2012
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Did You Know? Google Sites Backup Rocks!

Google Sites receives some flack over its lack of love from Google compared to other Google Apps products. However, Sites also offers rich functionality and comes standard with Google Apps, so why not check it out?

More popularly used for sharing information amongst employees (a la ‘intranet’), Google Sites is also used by schools and organizations as an intuitive, free site-hosting solution.

Did you know that:

  • There are many resources out there to help guide you when creating a new site, including Google’s official Site Support area
  • You can easily add data from your other Google Apps products into Sites, for example a list of user’s email addresses, a summary of documents stored in Google Drive or information from other Google gadgets like Maps or Picasa
  • Google offers many sample Sites templates to help you start your project
  • Google Sites can be enabled for mobile devices by checking the “Automatically adjust sites for mobile phones” setting?

Best of all, Backupify protects your Google Sites data by performing a complete backup daily of all images, HTML code, documents, and other Sites resources in your Google Apps account. We recently modified how we present Sites backups in our UI to make it easier to find a specific file or download all your sites. You can now see which Site a file belongs to, quickly access the live link to the resource, and see the type of file being backed up.

These Google Sites backup improvements are also a great example of the dedicated engineering team at Backupify. (A special shout-out goes to Rob Kaufman, who works on the front lines solving hard problems for our customers everyday, and took it upon himself to improve Google Sites backup based on feedback from customers.)

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