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May 31, 2017
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Data Security in Office 365

It’s imperative to protect your Office 365 data regardless of where it is.

The Office 365 platform supports customers around the world with many different standards and regulations guiding the handling of information assets. As such, Microsoft is constantly adding to the list of compliance and security standards supported.

Another key principle of Office 365 trust is compliance. Commercial organizations have regulations and policies they must comply with to operate businesses in various industries. These policies can be a mix of external regulatory requirements that vary depending on industry and geographical location of the organization and internal company-based policies.

Office 365 provides built-in capabilities and customer controls to help customers meet various industry regulations and internal compliance requirements. To bolster this and to continue earning your confidence, Microsoft undergoes third-party audits by internationally recognized auditors as an independent validation that they comply with all policies and procedures.

Office 365 utilizes a control framework that employs a strategic approach of implementing extensive standard controls that in turn, satisfy various industry regulations.

In addition, Microsoft employs a comprehensive Data Processing Agreement to address privacy and security concerns around customer data, helping customers comply with local regulations. Read more in Microsoft’s Regulatory Compliance FAQ.

It’s wise to understand what Microsoft does behind the scenes to manage and protect your data so if there is an issue, you know how to react to it quickly and efficiently. For the complete guide to securing your Office 365 domain, download our eBook: The Complete Guide to Office 365 Security.

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