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March 17, 2015
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Computer Security for Your Users: Don’t Leave it to Luck (SlideShare)

While the theme of the day might be the “luck of the Irish”, as an IT admin you most definitely do not want to leave your company’s computer security to any kind of luck. Come to think of it, you don’t really want to leave your company’s computer security to your users either. IT admins know the value of proper security and while end users also know the importance of security, they could use a little guidance.

Since IT admins are constantly sharing computer security best practices, we created an easy to adopt security checklist for IT admins to pass along to their users. The complete eBook “The IT Admin’s Checklist for Complete Office-Wide Computer Security” dives into computer security how-tos that an IT admin can tech users in order to keep them safe.

Need a shortcut? We took the eBook and broke it out into this handy dandy SlideShare presentation, Computer Security 101: A Checklist for IT Admins to Share With Their Users.

This slideshare highlights seven key areas that should absolutely be on your computer security 101 checklist for your users. The seven areas include:

  • Password security
  • Email security
  • Web browser security
  • Smartphone security
  • Workstation security
  • Network security
  • Personal & “Social” security

Share these security best practices with your users today and you won’t need to rely on luck to better protect your company.

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