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March 23, 2018
Office 365

Cloud Security Expert Tips about Office 365

The cloud security experts have spoken. Here are some of the top data cloud security tips for organizations operating in Office 365.

Know Your Enterprise Risk Score

“One of the most valuable things that we’ve built ever is the intelligent security graph and that’s where we bring all of this data together. In that graph, every enterprise identity now has a risk score attached to it.”


Use Data Loss Prevention Tips

“Risk can come in many shapes and forms; compromises can come from many methods and angles. Some we can control — some we cannot. Why leave anything to chance?”


Does your organization use Office 365’s DLP (Data Loss Prevention) tips? This real-time security advice from Microsoft gives your organization better data security practices while you use Office 365 for data storage. Any cloud-based data storage platform runs the risk of data loss, so arming yourself with the most current, tailored data security advice from Microsoft is a great first step to mitigating security risks.

Plan for Security and Data Retrieval

“If you have a free trial account for Office 365 that you later convert to a paid business subscription, you should take extra precautions to make sure you don’t accidentally share your private, paid-subscription content with the trial account (and therefore the public).”

  • Ronin Technology Advisors in “Microsoft Office 365: Tips to Reduce Data Loss,” May 2016


Implementing Office 365’s data security tips is a great start, and the next step in data security is using a platform designed to back up and secure data. Backupify’s data security solutions go beyond Office 365’s security measures because our entire aim is keeping your data safe and accessible.

Guard Your Intellectual Property

“There is no such thing as actual privacy on the internet, and the rise in the number of identity thefts is standing proof of it…Sensitive information could also be intellectual property such as patents and copyrights. Even if we take every possible precaution to protect them, these kind of information can land in another individual/company’s data management system somehow, which in turn can lead to potential data leakage.”


When you must store your organization’s sensitive information on a system, you need to be certain that system is safe. Office 365’s security solutions can only provide you with the basic level of security that they provide to every customer. Hackers are always working around these basic measures, so you need to have a backup plan (literally) in case your sensitive data is compromised.

Beware of Sharing

“Sharing accounts might be convenient, and it might save you on licensing fees, but doing so can be a security liability. A jilted former employee could use a shared account to steal proprietary information. A former employee could still have shared login information stored on a laptop that gets stolen.”


While it can be tempting to share passwords and login information to save money on licenses, it can come back to bite you. Make sure that your data is secure and that each employee has their own user login. Ensure that your data is safe even if an employee unexpectedly leaves with a backup solution that you can count on.

The experts have spoken and they want you to take back ownership of your data. Do not rely on a cloud-based data sharing organization to have security as their number one concern. Trust your data to a company whose sole purpose is your data’s security and acessibility.


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