November 02, 2021
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Backupify Earns Perfect Scores in Fall 2021 G2 Reports

In September, peer-to-peer review site G2 released it’s Fall 2021 report looking at business software and services. Backupify earned top marks across all categories, but received perfect scores in security and compliance, ease of use, and data encryption.

This ranking was based on real-user satisfaction ratings for a number of implementation and use related questions featured in the G2 review form.

When it comes to choosing a SaaS backup and recovery solution, security is paramount. Users want to be confident their SaaS backup provider is employing the most adept data encryption technology and complying with data security regulations.

Let’s take a look at why security compliance and data encryption are essential characteristics of SaaS protection and why Backupify scored so highly in these categories.

Security and Compliance

According to a recent data compliance survey, a large number of businesses are not compliant with local data protection laws and regulations. More than 60% of survey respondents said their company isn’t “completely compliant” with the data regulations that apply to them.

This report comes amidst growing concerns about data security as cyber attacks rise in frequency. In one recent survey 28.6% of respondents said their organization was targeted by cyber attackers at least once a month.

Backupify’s 100% score in G2’s security and compliance category was 5 percentage points higher than the average score in that category. That’s because our SaaS backup solution has a proven security track record.

Every year, Backupify undergoes a SOC 2 Type II compliance audit to ensure customer data is secure. The SOC 2 Type II audit is an independent audit of a company’s backup and recovery systems and a full assessment of a company’s infrastructure, software, staff, procedures, security controls, and data. These audits are designed to monitor company protocols for safeguarding customer data, and analyze how well those protocols are operating.

Backupify is also committed to complying with other data security regulations including the federal HIPAA law aimed at protecting sensitive patient health information from being disclosed without a patient’s consent or knowledge. All of Backupify’s data is stored in co-location facilities compliant with HIPAA and as a result, our company has been HIPAA compliant since 2014.

Data Encryption

According to one recent survey, 95% of IT leaders believe sensitive client and corporate data is at risk of loss. That’s likely because surveys indicate data breaches are becoming increasingly common. One survey found that 94% of organizations have suffered insider data breaches.

Data encryption is a key component of preventing data loss and guarding against breaches. Encryption converts your company’s critical data into unique, complex codes that are nearly impossible for even supercomputers to crack.

As a result, many companies are investing in encryption to make their data more secure. For example, according to a recent report, around 50 percent of U.S. healthcare organizations are investing in healthcare data encryption to protect sensitive data.

When it comes to data encryption, Backupify’s perfect score was six percentage points higher than the average score for that category. That’s because our SaaS backup utilizes 256-bit encryption to protect your data.

Backupify generates a unique AES 256-bit encryption key for every newly created Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace account to ensure all data is encrypted both in transit and in storage. Additionally, all authenticated user interactions and data transmissions from Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace are processed through TLS 1.2 encrypted tunnels.

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