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September 22, 2020
Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Backup and the Importance of Operational Resilience

Your organization needs to be digitally agile to succeed in today’s modern business world. Remote access and collaboration for employees, digital products for customers, and a variety of revolutionary new technologies are driving innovation and collaboration.

To succeed in the modern digital business world, you need to be able to provide reliable services and products to your customers in an environment where switching costs are lower than ever before – and this means you need to build operational resilience in your organization. An analysis of more than 181 academic articles by Professor David Denyer of the Cranfield School of Management demonstrated that organizations that utilized the principles of organizational resilience were significantly more successful at navigating potential challenges. 

What is operational resilience? 

Operational resilience is the ability for your organization to provide services despite adverse circumstances and events by preparing for, preventing, recovering from, or adapting to less than ideal conditions. Successfully resilient organizations are ones that understand how various domains, including partner organizations, impact their business-critical services and delivery, and build a set of capabilities to provide resilience and control across these domains. This requires cross-functional organizations that understand and confront their risk factors and coordinate to alleviate them. Organizations can foster resilience by:

  1. Prioritizing reliability in strategic planning, accepting that things can and will go wrong and considering these risks in decision-making and daily activities.
  2. Developing strong leadership throughout your organization, enabling leaders to incorporate different interests and viewpoints and enabling expertise to be shared across the organization.
  3. Acknowledge risk and take a resiliency mindset that recognizes problems and enables teams to solve them early on.
  4. Recognizing complexity and incorporating diverse viewpoints to help identify and incorporate new aspects and opportunities.
  5. Encouraging agility and responsiveness as a cultural norm throughout your organization.

As technology infrastructure and digital markets have become more complex, operational resilience has required increased adaptability and has also progressively become part of the organization’s value propositions. It is therefore more important than ever that organizations also work with partners who understand and value preparedness and resilience.

Operational resilience creates organizational value 

Traditionally, operational resilience is thought of from a risk and compliance perspective, but today resilient organizations have a significant leg up on their competitors – particularly when it comes to cloud backup. By having a reliable cloud backup solution in place that provides quick, reliable access to your data and systems in the case of a catastrophic failure or security incident, you enhance your organization’s value proposition and limit potential fallout. Backup providers—such as Backupify—that maintain integration between your services when restoring data, allowing your team to quickly get back to work after an incident, will enable you to overcome adverse events.

Backupify excels at this kind of resilience by providing:

  • Industry-leading time to restore
  • Reliability
  • Ease of use

Enabling your organization to overcome adverse events, and preparing for these eventualities, is a must for long term success. If you want to learn more about utilizing cloud-to-cloud backup to boost your organization’s operational resiliency, request a free demo today.

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