The characters of Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street were definitely not the most well-rested bunch. It’s safe to say some viewers lost a few minutes to a new-found fear of sleep and dreams - or should we say nightmares. In honor of Halloween we’ve pulled together causes of cloud data loss, because for users, that can quite literally become a nightmare. The threat of cloud data loss is real, and we’ve known it to keep a few people up at night.

The cloud can become a creepy place when things start to disappear, so here are 5 causes of data loss to BE(a)WARE of:

All Hallow’s Hackers

Now more than ever, hackers are haunting companies. Data breaches have become all too common, and appear in so many forms! Malware like Cryptolocker, for example, can really put your data in a grave- unless you pay up.

Devilish Deletions

Collaborative cloud apps can be awesome for the workplace, but when there are too many cooks in the kitchen (or witches a’brewing) mistakes happen. For example, employees can accidentally delete a critical shared doc or spreadsheet which (depending on the information in the doc) can really set your company back.

Hair Raising Rogue Apps

Third party applications can often be helpful for project management purposes, but there are still risks. These apps have unfettered access to your cloud data, and if configured incorrectly can delete or corrupt your data. Yikes.

Mischievous Migration Errors

Companies are creating more data than ever, so migrating that data can be more of a trick than a treat. Data often disappears for a number of identifiable reasons- sync inaccuracies, human error, unnecessary overwrites- and maybe even some mysterious reasons we have yet to discover.

Eerie Employees

Employees can wreak havoc to your data in a number of ways. Disgruntled employees can take drastic measures and perform serial deletions either during or before departing from a company. When you finally are rid of them, account deletion is usually the next step. That action can come back to haunt you down the road when you realize they had some files you still need.

Has the above list taken some minutes off of your REM cycle in the past? You can rest easy knowing there’s a solution. It doesn’t involve 20 year’s worth of a Wes Craven franchise either. Turn these nightmares into dreams with cloud-to-cloud backup!