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April 06, 2015
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14 Ways to Increase Google Apps for Edu Adoption at Your School (SlideShare)

What’s the point of “Going Google” at your school if nobody adopts the technology? This unfortunately is a common scenario for many schools, colleges, and universities on the Google Apps journey. For various reasons (fear, lack of technical knowledge, miscommunication), schools often don’t get off on the right foot when it comes to their Google Apps implementation. There’s certain groundwork that needs to be laid in order for your school to successfully adopt Google Apps.

Here’s a quick sample of the advice found in both the SlideShare presentation and eBook:

Open and honest communication is always best, right from the start. According to Kate Fahey, Instructional Technology Specialist at Lockport Township High School East in greater Chicago, “When we first began this journey, I spent a lot of time listening to people’s fears and questions. If I could alleviate them, I would. If I couldn’t, I was honest with them. Once I built that relationship, they trusted me to lead them in the right direction.”

It’s critical to show the ‘What’s in it for me?’ as early as possible. James Kieft who is an E-Learning and Resources Manager at Reading College in the U.K. states, “We relate tasks we are carrying out in training sessions with some aspect of teaching and learning to help staff see its relevance as well as opportunities for use. We focused on Google Drive and showed staff how they could work collaboratively on files simultaneously with colleagues and students.”

Help users find information by creating training resources. David Andrade, Educational Technology Specialist & Owner of EdTechGuy Consulting, says “I created a resource website with how-to’s, tips, resources, and more. We then sent an email to staff explaining everything and how it would work.”

For more advice about adopting Google Apps at your school, check out the SlideShare presentation below.


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