Data Retention Cost Calculator

See how much you’re spending on data retention for Office 365 or G Suite

Are you a G Suite or Office 365 admin?

Have you ever wondered how much money you're wasting on licenses of departed employees? Let go of those unused accounts by implementing a third party backup solution to transfer data of past employees. Learn how much you're currently spending by filling out the calculator below.


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Number of suspended licenses, or expected yearly employee turnover.

First we need to understand how many licenses enter a period of data retention per year.

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Monthly cost per user to your collaboration provider.

Most accounts being held for data retention purposes incur the same charge as active accounts. Tell us what the monthly cost per user is.

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Your company's retention policy.

Typically there is a minimum data retention period for non-active accounts. How many months does your company require you to keep data for non-active accounts?


Learn what you’re spending and how to put that money to better use!