How to Build (and Secure) Your Google Workspace

Watch this 30-minute webinar hosted by Datto and Netpremacy to learn how to build and secure your businesses’ Google Workspace environment with reinforced protection and recovery that goes beyond Google Vault capabilities alone.

You will walk away with tips and best practices to strengthen your security as well as other key takeaways, such as:

  • How to protect your data: Ensure that important Google Workspace data is never lost due to unintentional errors or malicious actions such as ransomware, giving you peace of mind knowing that your valuable information is always secure.
  • Why third-party backup for Google Workspace is important: Add an extra layer of security and redundancy to your Google Vault and see this in action.
  • How to preserve departed user data: Retain access to data and maintain continuity even when an employee or user leaves your organization.
  • What is the shared responsibility model: Gain clarity on what data Google will and won’t recover in case of loss to help you make informed decisions about data backup and recovery strategies.
  • How Netpremacy and Backupify can help: Seamlessly integrate Google Workspace and Backupify for enhanced data protection and bridge any potential data gaps to have a holistic approach to data management.

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