Backupify Product Policies

This standard retention policy applies to SaaS Protection 2.0 Products only. Earlier versions of the Product may have different retention features.

We will retain Backedup Data in your account as long as you maintain an active Subscription for which payments are current. After an initial full backup, all subsequent backups are incremental and capture only changes made since the previous backup.  According to the schedule set forth below, incremental backups are pruned on rolling basis and we retain only the remaining backups from the point in time indicated.


Pruning of Incremental Backups:Takes Place After:Backups retained:
Intra-dalies30 Days30 days of intra daily backups
Dailies90 Days90 days of one daily backup
Weeklies365 Days365 days of one weekly backup
Monthliesset by the customerongoing monthly backup


Although we do not limit any customer or user to a pre-defined amount of cloud storage, we reserve the right to limit Product usage or cloud storage if we determine there is activity or usage that: (i) results in excessive bandwidth or storage usage; or (ii) harms, disrupts, or otherwise diminishes our brand, services, network, or any computer system.