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January 10, 2013
G Suite

Google Apps Backups: Flexible Set Up Options

We recently launched some new features that provide customers some more flexibility in terms of how their Google Apps backups are configured. Whether you are hypervigilant about access control or want ultimate control over which services are being backed up, we can help you out! Here’s some more info on features we launched recently:

  • Disable access to backups for non-admin users. We think one of the cool things about Backupify is that it is so simple for a user to go in, find their data, and restore it themselves. We have some customers, however, who need to back up their data but don’t want their users to be able to directly access the backup. So we made non-admin access configurable. If you don’t want your users to be able to access Backupify (even though their backups are still running in the background…) just let us know!

  • Disable backups for a particular service type. We think all core Google Apps services (Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Contacts, and Sites) are just swell. Most of our customers do too. But sometimes we get a customer who is just not using one (or more) of the services on their Google Apps domain. Maybe they’ve disabled Sites because they don’t want people using it. To accomodate these use cases, Backupify now offers the ability to disable backups for Google Sites (or any other service, I’m just picking on Google Sites here) in your Backupify account. This gets any information related to the disabled service (which you’re not using anyway) out of your way when you sign into Backupify, and also keeps the “unwanted” service from impacting your overall storage.

Stay tuned for more product updates…and let us know if there are any new features you’d like to see us add!

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