Credo Technology Group provides corporate and consumer IT and marketing services including computer repair and maintenance, network design, web development, and inbound marketing. As IT professionals, they know the importance of backup and how data loss can impact businesses. Currently, they use Backupify for G Suite to protect themselves from data loss.

Eric Johnson is a co-owner of Credo and wanted to implement a backup solution that would save the company both time and money in the long run. “I’m always looking at that latest and greatest technologies for running my business efficiently. Backupify is a no brainer. The cost of losing a piece of data can be astronomical due to the impact it has on productivity; you can lose time with trying to locate the file or with having to rebuild the asset completely. With Backupify, I know that my data is protected. It’s the preventative maintenance that I need to keep my business running smoothly,” explained Johnson.

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