Migrator for Google Apps

Powerful. Easy. FREE.

Migrator for Google Apps allows you to transfer the complete contents of any single Google Apps user account from one domain to another, or to merge all the data in one account with another account on the same Google Apps domain. Don't manually transfer Gmail messages, Google Drive documents, Calendar appointments or Contacts -- migrate them quickly and easily with Migrator for Google Apps.

Google Apps administrators use Migrator when:

  • Their company acquires another business already running their own Google Apps domain
  • Their school moves students from a student to an alumni domain
  • A user leaves the company and the departee's data must be transferred to another user
  • Their business changes domain names

How do I get started?

Click the button below to begin configuring your migration at migrationapp.com. The Migrator application will authenticate you through the Google Apps Marketplace, then return you to migrationapp.com to configure your data transfers. (You must have administrator privileges on any Google Apps domain you wish to transfer data to or from.) Your migration may take several hours to create, depending on the amount of data you wish to transfer. Migrator will notify you by email when your migration is complete.