Google Workspace Data Backup & Recovery

No more data loss in Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) apps like Gmail, Google Drive, and Team Drives.

Why back up Google Workspace data?

With limitations in Google Workspace data protection, businesses must have a backup plan to defend against:

  • Accidental deletion
  • Hackers
  • Ransomware
  • Malware
  • Malicious insiders

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Simple, Automated Google Workspace Backup

With Backupify, business data is automatically backed up three times a day (and can also run on-demand at any time). Set up is easy and secure, too. Simply log in via a web browser, authenticate your tenant, and start backing up select users.

Granular Recovery from Accidental (or Malicious) Data Deletion

Once data is deleted from a Google Workspace account, there is an average retention period of 30 days before the data is permanently deleted. With Backupify for Google Workspace, IT admins can utilize the granular restore process, to recover individual emails or entire folders to the point-in-time required, even after the native retention period ends.

Easily Recover from Ransomware in Google Workspace

There are roughly 25,000 ransomware attacks every day in the U.S. The resulting downtime costs 23 times more than the ransom amount requested during an attack. Add Backupify to your multilayered business continuity and disaster recovery plan to protect your business from the aftermath of ransomware by quickly restoring data to any time prior to an attack.

Save Time and Money on User Lifecycle Management

When a staff member leaves an organization, IT admins often keep the former employee’s Google Workspace license to preserve user data. By using Backupify, businesses can automatically archive departed employee data (with file/folder structure and permissions intact) to reduce licensing costs and save time during the off-boarding process.

What do our clients say about us?

Backupify Demo Request - What our clients say about us?

There's a difference between having a backup solution and having a backup solution that works. Everyone feels safe with G Suite and Office 365. They think Google and Microsoft have their backs. It's a hard lesson to learn that it does not.

Danny Michael Global Head of IT, GettTax

Backupify was the missing piece to being able to confidently roll G Suite out to my whole organization. School districts must adhere to strict regulations regarding archiving of email and documents. Backupify helped ensure we were compliant.

Tom Devitt Director of Technology,
Fairmont Central School District

Data loss is a sign of the times, and if you don't have something in place from the beginning, there's no going back. There is no time machine.

Thomas Cosby IT Operations Engineer, BleacherReport

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