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Discovery Search For G Suite and Office 365

Backupify for Office 365 and G Suite offer robust discovery search capabilities that allow businesses to get data back rapidly in the event of litigation.

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Backup vs. Archiving Needs for Search

It’s a long-standing misconception that the backup and archiving are interchangeable terms. However, there are distinct differences between them - one is built for quick and easy data access while the other is slower to retrieve. As such, many organizations require separate backup and archiving tools. As noted above, many backup tools offer some discovery search functionality. Many archiving tools do as well. For example, G Suite and Office 365 both offer native discovery search. Your organization’s specific search needs will dictate the necessary approach and tools.

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Employee Lifecycle Management And Discovery Search

Backupify allows users to decommission G Suite and Office 365 accounts while maintaining the data associated with them. For many Backupify customers, this results in massive cost savings. In addition, organizations maintain discovery search alongside of employee lifecycle management. Backupify’s search capabilities allow users to rapidly retrieve documents and mail from decommissioned accounts or groups of users for legal purposes.


What Is eDiscovery?

eDiscovery refers the process of locating and organizing data with the intent of using it as evidence in a civil or criminal legal case. eDiscovery software products are tools that aid in this process. Some organizations choose standalone eDiscovery software. These products are highly sophisticated, complex, and purpose-built for eDiscovery. Other organizations use discovery search functionality native to software designed to perform additional tasks. For example, many backup software products, such as Backupify, offer discovery search capabilities that serve a majority of business needs.

Backupify gives administrators the ability to search an export information necessary for litigation.

For example, Backupify for G Suite users can quickly retrieve Gmail, Chat, Drive, Contacts, Calendar, and Sites data. All metadata associated with the archives is searched: To/From, Subject, Title, Labels, Folders, Name, etc. Advanced search allows users to further refine search by Created Date, Modified Date, or by specific folder.

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Alice Training Protects Communities, Backupify Protects Their Office 365 Data

The Alice Training Institute is a national organization that trains businesses across healthcare, government, and higher education. Learn how the organization uses Backupify to protect critical Office 365 data. Read the story

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Machinima Backs Up Office 365, G Suite with Backupify

Machinima is a California-based digital gaming company with over 150 million users each month. The company’s positive experience with Backupify for G Suite served as a key factor in his decision to keep the solution in place during migration to Office 365. Read the story

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Backupify For G Suite

Easily restore what you need fast in G Suite for business with Discovery search. Backupify allows users to reduce spending on G Suite licenses while maintaining corporate oversight of G Suite data for discovery or other business needs.

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Backupify For Office 365

Restore O365 data with Discovery search across multiple users, point-in-time backups and robust metadata parameters. Backupify delivers discovery search for Office 365 users, saving businesses money and giving them more control over their data.

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