True, we’re a bit biased, but we have seen many times how data backup can swoop in and save the day just like a superhero. Today is World Backup Day and around here we get excited about it. We know how vital it is to protect data. While devices are replaceable, sadly, this isn’t always the case for your organization’s sensitive data.

What can enterprise IT teams do to avoid data loss scenarios? 

You can use solutions that go beyond relying on a cloud provider’s limited storage, data protection, and backup capabilities and gain the peace of mind of automatic backups that make a copy of data and store it securely in a private cloud. Microsoft and Google only protect your data in certain limited scenarios. This is called the 'Shared Responsibility Model' and means that Microsoft & Google can't protect your data in instances of accidental or malicious deletion, Ransomware, and more. The Shared Responsibility model is where Backupify joins the conversation.

Download the below infographic for more on that. This is serious stuff!

The Shared Responsibility Model and the Importance of Cloud Backup

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What can IT professionals do to keep their data safe?

If you’re an enterprise IT professional responsible for backing up hundreds of users’ data and looking to protect your organization’s cloud data against human error, accidental deletion, malware, or hardware failures, Backupify can help. It offers reliable and effective backup and security protections for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace so you can easily restore accidentally or maliciously deleted data in minutes.

Watch our video and find out why more than 8,000 companies worldwide rely on Backupify. We hope you’ll take a few minutes to backup your data today. Happy World Backup Day!

Why backing up SaaS data to the cloud is important.