Robert Allen is the IT Manager at Timetrade, the leader in omnichannel Intelligent Appointment Scheduling, serving over 500 enterprise customers and over 30,000 businesses. Robert has years of experience handling all IT-related questions company-wide across numerous tech startups. Given the variety of companies he’s worked for, he’s now adept at managing both Office 365 and G Suite platforms.

According to Robert, it’s vital to back up SaaS data no matter what application you work in. After TimeTrade moved employee collaboration efforts into Office 365, Robert knew they needed a third-party service to guarantee their data was protected. Robert entrusted TimeTrade’s SaaS data protection to Backupify. “This is one of my favorite services. It provided such enormous value, it was a no-brainer to get on board.”

After speaking with multiple clients, Robert disclosed to us the most consistent use case for Backupify - “when somebody in Finance from forever ago sent an email that was now required. Not only that, but recovery with SaaS vendors like Microsoft and Google is present in the moment - outside of that, you could slog it out with their support for a week and bark it up a support chain, or you have Backupify and recovery is a click of a button. The hourly rate you’d spend trying to recover with support would far exceed what you’d pay for Backupify,” he said. 

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