Remploy is the UK’s leading provider of specialist employment services for disabled and disadvantaged people. With a network of more than 60 branches in England, Wales, and Scotland, Remploy provides candidates with tailored services, including one-to-one support with job searching. It also partners with more than 2,500 employers, helping them to be ‘disability confident’ and increasing diversity and equality in the workplace.

Remploy was looking to find an alternative to their Microsoft Exchange infrastructure, as Lenka Sherry-Sole, Business Manager for IS, and Project Manager for the G Suite for Work deployment explains. “We were spending a lot of money on the licensing and hosting, along with the complexity of managing everything that goes with on-premise service. We needed a more cost effective alternative and with a new IS strategy of ‘cloud by default’, we wanted a more up-to-date solution that would offer scalability and flexibility.”

Remploy looked at cloud-based solutions for their infrastructure that would cut its IT spend. Two options were considered; G Suite for Work and Microsoft Office 365. When Remploy compared these options in 2013, G Suite for Work was about half the cost of Office 365, but as Sherry-Sole explains, the project was never just about cost, as Remploy wanted to take the opportunity to create a culture change in its business.

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