Cloud-to-cloud backup is booming. Over the last 18 months, we’ve watched this sector of the IT world catch fire, and here are 3 key reasons why:

1. Length of time on cloud apps. When companies first move to cloud applications, they don’t have issues. Three years later though and they’ve usually experienced data loss or have compliance needs for their app data or are spending a lot of money to keep older data from departed employees around and live in the app. Now these companies are buying cloud-to cloud-backup in droves to solve these problems.

2. The movement of larger enterprises to the cloud. In 2011, we had one customer with over 1,000 employees. In 2012, we saw a few more. By 2013, we added dozens, and now, in 2014, our average customer is this size. The last two years we’ve seen Google Apps and other popular clouds apps grow strongly in their enterprise penetration, and enterprises don’t use applications without independent backup. They’re too sensitive to the “all your eggs in one basket” problem.

3. Industry reports. Aberdeen Research came out with a report in 2013 about the surprising prevalence of data loss in the cloud and in February Forrester Research published their first report on the cloud-to-cloud backup industry a few months ago. This type of industry research has increased overall awareness and led to a huge influx of companies buying cloud-to-cloud backup.

While all this growth is pretty amazing, there is still one problem with the cloud-to-cloud backup industry - the companies in the space only support a few cloud applications. Today, all of that is changing, as we announce support beyond the handful of applications we have today, adding another 12 applications by the end of the year.

Backupify has always had the most scalable, secure, and innovative product in the space. Almost every major feature supported by other vendors was first imagined, built, and perfected here at Backupify. And because we’ve backed up more apps and data on behalf of more users for more customers, we’ve thus been given a view of where the world is going. Almost two years ago we knew that to meet the needs of our customers, we would have to add applications - faster. And to that end, we took the time to build a new platform that made rapid backup creation possible.

We have been testing this platform with PipelineDeals and Smartsheet, two of our early partners, and are now ready to expand it to add even more applications. Over the next 8 months, we have plans to support: Box, Dropbox, NetSuite, Zendesk, Concur, Egnyte, GitHub, JIRA, Asana, ServiceNow, Basecamp, and Office 365. These applications are some of the most requested by our existing enterprise customer base and so we’re thrilled to announce that we will be able to meet more of the backup and compliance needs of these customers.

The world is moving to the cloud, and everything that used to be part of the on-premise IT stack is moving with it. The old guard on-premise backup companies are starting to struggle with the existential threat of no more on-premise data to backup. And now that we have a platform that can support the backup of nearly any cloud application, we are finally ready to live out our vision. The future of backup is Backupify. Happy World Backup Day!