For those of you following along, we recently just completed a blog series highlighting everything you need to know in order to become a successful Google Apps administrator. Today, we’ve launched The Complete Guide to Google Apps Administration, which can be downloaded for free with a single click. To help readers maximize the value of Google Apps, the Complete Guide to Google Apps Administration includes the five separate ebooks covering the following:

This box set is not just for Google Apps beginners - quite the contrary. Even the most seasoned Google Apps administrators will likely learn something new within the box set. The complete series for Google Apps admin will ensure you’re maximizing the value of the suite at your company. Use the wisdom within the pages to ensure you get the most out of Google Apps.

Do yourself a favor and make yourself an indispensable force to be reckoned with today -download the complete box set of Google Apps Administration training guides below.  For more information on Google Apps administration, subscribe to the blog.