It was a dark and stormy night. Your Salesforce data is snuggled in the cloud, safe from the raging cyber tempest. Or so you think. The cloud can be an ominous place. Unbeknownst to you, events are unfolding all around you that could shatter your security and cause your data to evaporate.

Many have suffered from mysterious Salesforce data loss. They, too, thought they were safe but suddenly, and without warning, their data disappeared. No one knew how or why. Here’s our second part in the Tales Of The Unknown: The Lost Salesforce Data Mysteries.

Harry Helper, a Salesforce administrator, was distraught. He had just updated ten thousand new leads into the system…or so he thought. When he went in to check, however, everything was gone! What had happened to this data? Something was rotten in Denmark. This was a job for Columbo, the IT detective.

“Let’s retrace your steps,” Columbo started patiently. The admin sighed heavily. “I entered all the new leads like I always do,” Harry began, “and when I was finished, I hit the update button.”

“Hmm,” said Columbo. “Are you sure?”

“Yea, it’s right here on the keyboard next to the delete button,” Harry said. His words trailed off at the end of his explanation. His face went white as he realized what he had done.

“Oh no,” Harry cried. “I must have hit the delete key instead. Everything’s gone!”

“No problem,” Columbo replied. “You can use the backup we ran three days ago.”

“That won’t help. I’ve only been working on it for the past two days. Nothing will be in that older backup. Do you know how long that’s going to take?” Harry moaned. “I’ll be here for hours recreating that database.”

“Well, there’s nothing else you can do now,” Columbo said. “But there is a simple way you could have avoided this.”

“Yea, how’s that?” Harry said forlornly.

“With a third party backup solution, you could have forced a backup right before you hit the update, or, in the unfortunate case that you accidentally hit the delete button. You would have been able to roll the clock back to minutes before your error. Then you could have done the update again…this time hitting the right key,” Columbo said with a chuckle.

“Ugh,” Harry sighed. “Now you tell me!”

Taking the suspense out of your Salesforce data is no mystery. As secure as the cloud may be, there is always the danger of data loss. The secret is to back up and establish easy access to your data. The best way to do that is with a third-party backup solution, such as industry-leading Backupify for Salesforce. With that kind of protection, you’ll be able to easily unravel your data disappearance whodunit. Case closed.

Stay tuned for the next installment in the Lost Salesforce Data Mysteries. In the meantime, check out the eBook for even more great content.