When getting started with Google Drive, you may come to a fork in the road leading you to some confusion between Team Drive and My Drive.

Team Drive is a shared space that allow teams to store, search, and access their files anywhere from any device. Unlike My Drive, Team Drive belongs to an entire Team instead of an individual.

A Comparison of Team Drive and My Drive

Most notably, Team Drive spreads ownership and usage across a team or group instead of restricting to a single person. Team Drive gives ownership, sharing, restore rights, and longer retention for deleted items.

To simplify matters further, Google breaks it down pretty well in their support page. Check it out below:

Team Drive

My Drive

What types of files can you add?

All file types* (Except Google Maps)

All file types

Who owns files and folders?

The team

The individual who created the file or folder

Can I move files and folders?

Users can only move files.

Administrators can move folders.


Can I sync files to my computer?

This depends on which sync solution you use:

  • Drive File Stream: Yes

  • Backup and Sync: No



All team members see the same file set.

Different users might see different files in a folder, depending on their access to individual files.

How long do deleted files stay in Trash?

  • Each Team Drive has its own trash.

  • Files and folders in the Trash are deleted forever after 30 days.

  • Members can delete specific files sooner.

Files or folders in the Trash remain there until the user selects Delete Forever.

Can I restore files?

Yes, if you have Edit access or full access.

Yes, if you created it.

Now that we’ve outlined the differences between Team Drives and My Drive, you’re ready to get started. If you're interested in learning more, request a demo today