Is your school part of the Google revolution?

If so, there are lots of resources out there designed to help you ramp up and start embracing all that Google Apps has to offer. At Backupify we recently created an eBook with Google Apps schools in mind entitled Mastering Google for the Classroom. The guide is designed to help users get the most out of their Google for Edu investment. 

Below are some quick and dirty tips for using Google Apps:


You’re probably familiar with gmail as most people have gmail accounts. (Unless you’re still using that AOL or Hotmail email account….we won’t judge).

Use it in the classroom: Google Translator can help you convert emails from non-English speaking parents so that you can better communicate with bilingual families.


The calendar within Google helps you keep your schedule in order, create meetings, and share your calendar with others to better collaborate.

Use it in the classroom: Use the Calendar within Google Apps to set up a shared resource calendar. No more running around the building looking for that coveted projector. For example, create a shared, master Projector Calendar so everyone can see who has it when and schedule time in advance.


Just like Microsoft Word, Google Docs can do everything Word (or any other word processing program) can do plus allow you to share created documents.

Use it in the classroom: Group teaching becomes SO much easier with Docs. Working with other teachers on the team, you can develop and share collaborative lesson plans. Any change made by one of the teachers is instantly available to all the others.


It doesn’t reinvent the Excel wheel (not as powerful either) but again, you have the ability to virtually share your work in Spreadsheets with anyone who has access to the system.

Use it in the classroom: Spreadsheets can help teachers easily and quickly track homework assignments.


Think PowerPoint but in Google. With Presentations, you can create slides you need for whatever you have to present!

Use it in the classroom: Collaboration among students. Students working on a project together can each create their own slides for their portion of the assignment, and then instantly and easily integrate them into the master presentation.

To get more advice on Google in the classroom, download the free guide.