After using Google Apps for a few years, especially once I started using it for business, I began to encounter situations the Apps themselves couldn’t address except via fatal tediousness. Tediousness sucks, so we at Backupify built a series of free tools to take the edge off.

Today, I’ll cover three popular uses for our Migrator for Google Apps tool. Migrator copies all app data—Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, etc.—from one Google Apps account to another. So, when is that handy?

Acquiring another team

Say you’ve just acquired another team, and you want to migrate the Google Apps data from their domain onto yours. Migrator handles that with ease, copying all the information from the source account to a destination account. If you intend to keep using the source account, that’s cool. The data transfer is nondestructive, so the source account will remain unchanged.

This is the most commonly reported use case for Migrator.

Changing your name

Say your team just realized “Great Big Fuzzy Wampus Machine” isn’t the best name for your company. How do you move all your data from your entire Google Apps domain to the new one? Migrator, yo. If your team is of any appreciable size, the power to do batch Google Apps migrations can save you days at a time.

More than 25 percent of Migrator’s users find themselves in this position, making even simple changes like moving from to or vice versa.

Shifting duties

Approximately nine percent of Migrator’s users have found themselves in the position of needing to migrate data from one internal Google Apps account to another. Say a member of your team got eaten by a grue, and you want to haul their data onto a survivor’s Google Apps account. Yeah, Migrator can do that. Best of luck with the grue, though.

I’m on a crusade against tediousness, so let me know in the comments what’s tedious in your life as a Google Apps or Salesforce admin, and I shall wizard up the tool to slay thy frustration.