When logging into  Backupify today, you will notice a sleek new header. It’s the first step toward our new UI. During the next few weeks, we will be rolling out the completely new Google Apps Admin Dashboard; which simplifies the oversight of the domain and its users, and facilitates easier search, restore and export across user archives.

We don’t want to leave you with too much anticipation so you can take a Sneak Peak Tour of all the updates that are coming that are coming for your Google Apps backup admin dashboard!

We’re very excited about these helpful updates. They’re the result of the tireless work of our engineering and design team, and the generous input by many of our users. Check out our designer’s infographic on the process!

There are a few changes that you should be aware of when navigating in the new header. See below for a direct comparison of the ‘old’ header versus the new one. You will notice that you can access your account settings by clicking on the gear icon. The search bar can still be accessed from the Archives, and an advanced search bar will be added to the admin dashboard as part of the new UI changes.

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