The fight between Google and Microsoft has advanced quite a bit since Round 1.  In the last six months or so, (lawsuits between the two aside) there have been many hits back and forth.

This past February, market analysts came out and favored Google’s stock over Microsoft’s, which hit Microsoft hard.  In early March, Microsoft retaliated and tried to kick Google down by backing a bill that would ban Google Apps being used in schools. Microsoft’s effort didn’t quite work though, and as of today, thousands of schools around the world are implementing Google Apps at their institutions - and at a rapid pace. We evaluated the Google Apps for Education landscape recently in our “Growing up Google” infographic and found tremendous uptake of Google Apps in the academic world.

In April, Google looked like the clear winner when it was revealed that Google’s uptime percentages are superior to Microsoft’s.  According to the CloudSherpa’s infographic, for every 1 minute of Gmail downtime, Exchange Online is down for 103 minutes.  But the way Microsoft fought back was a hard hit below the belt: it launched a “Scroogled” campaign against Google which depicts Google as a company more interested in increasing profits and power than protecting people’s privacy and providing unbiased search results.

Overall, Round 2 appears to be a draw. While Google is growing quickly, Microsoft is taking big steps (or punches) to remain strong in the fight. To see where the fight goes in more recent times, stay seated for Round 3.