RED74 provides information technology consultation and resources for businesses of all industries. The company works with clients to customize the most effective I.T. strategies for how they do business, including a game plan for data security and disaster recovery. That being said, RED74 knows all about the importance of backup.

According to Tim Coleman, President of RED74, “We’ve seen several incidents of data loss with customers because they weren’t backing up their data or were only backing up certain systems.” It is not unusual for businesses to “accidentily” lose business critical files. In fact, approximately two-thirds of all data loss is attributed to user error, such as accidental deleting or overwriting.

“One of the challenges when this occurs is that it may not get noticed for days or weeks. When data loss happens, it can cause a variety of other problems since it may be unclear when the issue occurred.” RED74 has seen what’s at stake for businesses without a backup plan, including the loss of valuable time re-creating what was lost.

RED74, like many of its customers, leverages G Suite as a primary business application. The company uses Backupify’s G Suite backup and recovery solution to protect themselves from data loss.

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